Why a COVID-19 Research Platform?

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This platform is hosted with the objective of sharing research, data, and other resources on the impact of COVID-19 on Mauritius. The platform is also used to organise a series of online events, in the form of fortnightly scientific symposiums, to

  1. showcase the approaches and results of research conducted on the impacts of the COVID-19 crisis on Mauritius, and​​​

  2. facilitate further analytical research.


The online platform, managed by International Economics Consulting, aims to encourage collaboration across researchers from government, academia, civil society, and international development partners. ​​​​​​​ The World Bank, together with the United Nations have joined forces in establishing this first platform of its kind.

Mission Statement

  • Identify the key research questions surrounding COVID-19 recovery that policymakers and the private sector need answers for;

  • Present and discuss existing methodological frameworks, data sources, existing studies and results on COVID-19 recovery;

  • Map the resources and existing research interests; and

  • Identify potential areas for collaboration between academics, international organisations, NGOs and public-private sectors.


In support of the government’s efforts to address the effects of the economic downturn triggered by the COVID-19 health crisis, various actors from government, private sector, academia, and development partners are undertaking assessments and studies, individually and in groups, to inform decisions for the protection and recovery efforts.

The platform aims to promote coordination of the resources and expertise around the analytical work taking place on COVID-19 impacts, and to take stock of the methods used and results produced to date. It seeks to facilitate further research, ensuring existing resources can be shared and partnerships strengthening between the different actors.

The platform will also be used as way of identifying the key research questions critical for COVID-19 recovery. Subsequent events—open to a wider audience—will be held regularly to present progress, learn from the methods and results, and ensure that decisions makers are timely informed with evidenced-based analyses and policy options.


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