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Board Constitution


  1. The board will meet at least once a month, to evaluate the status of research works of partners presented on the platform, and to discuss the overall design and contents of the platform. Online meetings can be held, with an invitation sent to each member to attend.

  2. The board will plan eventual webinars, in line with the objectives of the platform. An agreement will be reached by the board on the content and agenda before inviting potential speakers and participants to the webinar.

  3. The board is responsible for reviewing content, which will be distributed amongst the members.

  4. If the board cannot find a suitable time to meet, decisions on contents, webinars and research works will have to be communicated by email.


The platform is dedicated to research works around COVID-19. The symposium will have a scientific board, overseeing the publication of articles and research papers being published on the platform. The board will be constituted with one person selected by each partner institution and any desired/designated outsiders. Minutes will be kept of board meetings and decisions taken at the meeting will be determined by vote.  Each member of the board will have one vote. The founding members and chair of the meeting have the power of veto in the case where all three are in agreement, otherwise the votes of the group will count. The Board Secretary will not vote except in the case of a tie in the votes.

The Chairman will finalise the agenda of meetings in consultation with members and will share any follow-up actions made in the previous reporting period.  The chair will be responsible for facilitating the meeting and ensuring all voices are reflected in the minutes.

As of 29 September 2020, the board is made up of members as follows:

  • Paul Baker (Chairman) – IEC

  • Erik von Uexkull (Founding Member) – World Bank

  • Pierre Fallavier (Founding Member)  – United Nations

  • tbd – University of Mauritius – Member

  • tbd – Middlesex University – Member

  • tbd – RMCE – Member (tbd)

  • tbd – Vatel University

  • Jaime de Melo - University of Geneva (tbd)

  • Arvind Kureeman – IEC (Board Secretary)