The Research Platform on the Impact of COVID-19 on Mauritius (the “Platform”) is founded by the World Bank, United Nations, and International Economics Consulting Ltd. (IEC Ltd.) (collectively “Founding Institutions”). The Platform is dedicated to the development and publication of research outputs around COVID-19 and its impact on Mauritius. 

The Platform has invited a number of Partners to contribute research works and other relevant materials of value to the Platform (“the Contributing Partners”). Contributing Partners can come from academic institutions, international organisations, chambers, or individuals that are actively involved in or having a profound interested in research works. The Founding Institutions and the Contributing Partners will constitute the Advisory Committee (“the Committee”) of the Platform.

In order to set up the partner relationship between the Board and the Contributing Partner, the two parties herein agree to the below:


The Rights and Responsibilities of Contributing Partner

  1. Contributing Partners will have the right to join the Platform’s Advisory Committee.

  2. Contributing Partner will have the right to include its logo and profile on the Platform.

  3. Contributing Partner is welcome to share research data and papers in line with the objectives of the platform for publication on the Platform.

  4. Contributing Partner will have the right to propose and/or lead, depending on a case-by-case basis, in the webinars held by the Platform via sharing their work in line with the objectives of the platform.

  5. Contributing Partners’ research data and papers will be posted on the platform subject to the peer review mechanism by the Committee.

  6. Contributing Partner will continue to hold all intellectual property rights related to the research data and papers shared. Each Contributing Partner is solely responsible to ensure the integrity and compliance to the applicable Intellectual Property (IP) laws and regulations of their respective research data and papers. All research data and papers posted on the Platform will be properly sourced and cited in accordance with the best academic practices and following application IP laws and regulations.

  7. Contributing Partner gives their consent on publishing research data and papers for each submission in writing (consent via email form is acceptable). The Contributing Partners will be able to withdraw their consent for such publication anytime and request removal of such publication from the Platform.

  8. Contributing Partners agree that the published research data and papers can be used by other individuals for analysis and further research in accordance with the applicable Intellectual Property laws.

The Rights and Responsibilities of the Board and the Committee

The Board and Committee will have the right and responsibilities as indicated in the Charter.

Points of contact

For any queries, please feel free to contact the below.

Name:  Arvind Kureeman

Address: IEC Ltd, Suites 207 and 208, Grand Baie Business Park, Grand Baie 30510, Mauritius

Telephone: +230 263 33 24

Email: info@tradeeconomics.com